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High Treason: Forsaking America for Mother Earth




High Treason: Forsaking America for Mother Earth

High Treason: Forsaking America for Mother Earth

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Written by Sarah Cain   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 22:53

Preamble: The Environmental Lies and Our Position
Due to our promotion of alternative medicine, many people incorrectly assume that we are environmentalists.  It may seem as though alternative medicine has been completely hijacked by those people, who often worship ‘mother’ Earth, which is really the pagan mother goddess of satanic religions, such as witchcraft.  Rather mockingly, they have been hiding this in plain sight.  It is the standard procedure — to pervert, betray, mock, subvert, and transform a great truth into a lie — as they have done for the wonders of creation repeatedly.  To see examples of their hijacking of alternative medicine, go to Earth Fare stores to reference The Witches’ Almanac on the shelves (our magazine was banned for being “too Christian”), or check-out the native American wands to sweep away evil spirits at Whole Food’s Market stores, and don’t forget to buy a magical ‘dream catcher’ while you are there.  It is not uncommon for religious individuals to preach against alternative medicine, due to the known pagan infiltration; and there is a sick irony here, because natural medicines are the very medicines that God provided us.

“… and the fruit thereof shall be for food, and the leaf thereof for healing.”

― Ezekiel 47:12

We educate about alternative medicines because they are far more effective, and they are unequivocally safer.  While we see no harm in limiting our environmental damage whilst we are here, this principal should never be placed above our families, our homes, our country, or our learned civilizations.  The interpretation of humanity and its great achievements as evils flows from the realm of those following a very dark path, which is a path filled with deceit, and an underlying hatred of humanity itself.  Therefore, let it be clear that not all advocates of alternative medicine have fallen for the lie that predicted periods of global warming are man-made, or that God’s engineering is too fragile and flawed to support his greatest creation.  The roots of the new-age environmental sciences have less to do with either science or legitimate environmental stewardship, and much more to do with assaulting God, and the creation that he is proudest of, humanity.

God once said that we are the masters of the all the beasts, all the fish, and all the birds of the air.  You may notice that they are trying to reverse this exactly — so that the beasts are our masters — that “nature” governs us. Could it be any more clear?

  Legislative Red Alert  

A new bill (H.R. 2454) has just passed in the House that could triple the prices of some everyday items, destroy businesses who would be forced to switch their energy sources, and would place massive taxes on emissions.  It appears to be designed to destroy what is left of our economy.  Under these laws, it will become so expensive to operate and produce anything in the United States, that everything will be produced abroad.  The last vestiges of American industry will collapse, and all of this will be federally mandated.

It is probably much worse than we could ever explain; because we don’t really know what else is inside the bill.  All 1,200 pages of the bill were passed in the House Of Representatives, even though congress itself was not allowed to read what they were voting on.  In fact, 300 more pages were appended at 3 A.M., ensuring that those voting were left ignorant.  The bloated size and lack of availability of the bill are very troubling signs.  The size of it leaves plenty of room for the authors to hide anything inside of it; without the approval of congress, or the people of the U.S.A.. It is obvious that this was the plan.

Can you imagine, as a representative of the people, voting ‘yes’ to a bill that he had no access to, and had not read?  When congressmen asked for copies of the bill, they were told that they could obtain a copy on the Internet.  This meant they would have to leave the chamber to read the bill, thereby missing their chance to vote.  It seems extremely suspicious that anyone would vote for a secret bill, and it leaves us wondering; just how big were the payouts?  How much does it take to convince someone to sell-out his own people?

Rep. Michele Bachmann said that the bill was “a choice between liberty and tyranny”, noting that the bill would “control over nearly every aspect in the lives of the American people”. Of course, that is what the bill is exactly about.  It is not really about global warming, or protecting the Earth.  Even Greenpeace urged congress not to pass it.  This bill is solely about power and control.  It could be far worse than the Patriot Act.  Can you imagine being arrested, or fined into poverty by the climate police for leaving a light on?  Your tax money will go to pay for the ‘spy on your neighbor’ program, and to pay for youth groups which have been nicknamed the ‘Obama Youth Brigades’.  For the implications, remember back to the Brown Shirts of Germany in the 1930’s.  These kids will get paid with your taxes to inform the state’s environmental police whenever you leave a light on, whilst away from home, or when you chop a tree down on your own property.  After all, this would be disrespecting “mother” Earth.  It passed in the Senate, it will become a method through which anybody can be silenced.

The changes will effect everything, including the prices of electricity and gas, how all new houses are designed, the prices of all items (due to the new shipping taxes), federal mandates for the remodeling of all existing buildings, and foreign trade.  It is nothing less than treasonous sabotage of the U.S. economy, for motives that are nothing less than evil.  If you do your own research on this bill (American Clean Energy and Security Act), and you will very quickly learn that saving the planet has little to do with this monstrosity.  It simply exploits the bogus fears that they have generated to scare people into surrendering their basic freedoms.

Carbon Dioxide is now claimed by them to be the main culprit in global warming, but CO2 is not a pollutant, nor is it a toxin.  It is something that we produce through breathing, and the oceans produce more than factories, animals, and humans combined.  It is something that plants require to produce oxygen.  Neither we, the plants, nor the oceans are polluters.  However, framing man as a pollutant is something that is encouraged by those who plan the New World Order.  If men are merely a pollutant on this planet, then they are just something to be controlled and condensed.

Global warming is not something to fear. These traitors are. You may view this monstrosity here.


Read this about how there are plans to demolish huge sections of U.S. cities, for nature zones, and notice that the U.S. press is self censoring again.


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