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Earthquakes Around the World
There are a growing number of earthquakes each day all around the world. I have linked websites to back the information collected and they are being used to collaborate my findings. The location, severity, frequency and history of events has been collected and offered to you to form your own opinion as I have done myself. The links that I have uncovered may not be found on “mainstream media” and may even surprise you to find more information that appeal to you on these sites.

Below you will find a link with a continuing list (live feed) of Earthquakes all around the world. Please make note of the frequency by the hour and even minutes.

The USGS has worldwide updates for the last 7 days

The New Madrid Fault line is located in Southern and Midwestern United States

Arkansas has had 50+ Earthquakes in Past Week and 700+ In Last Six Months

The New Madrid Fault – Arkansas website

Earthquakes, Tectonic Plates and the effect on Active Volcanoes

The Above picture highlights the Tectonic Plates in Black and
the Active Volcanoes in Red. NOTE: The “RING OF FIRE” If you compare this picture to the recent Earthquakes on you will notice a reoccurring amount in the “Ring OF FIRE”

Earthquakes often occur in volcanic regions and are caused there, both by tectonic faults and the movement of magma in volcanoes. Such earthquakes can serve as an early warning of volcanic eruptions, as during the Mount St. Helens eruption of 1980. Earthquake swarms can serve as markers for the location of the flowing magma throughout the volcanoes. These swarms can be recorded by seismometers and tilt meters (a device which measures the ground slope) and used as sensors to predict imminent or upcoming eruptions.

Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

Sea floor drops in west Sumatra and south Java. There has been no rain or precipitation but so much flooding has occurred due to the sea floor drop.

Sea level monitoring facility

Sinking Deepens

Sinking in all countries residing on the plate tongue holding Indonesia proceeds apace. There is wide variance in reporting, some countries like Malaysia and the Philippines allowing the press to inform the people, others like Indonesia in almost complete suppression of the facts. New sinking is occurring in Malaysia, along the western coast of the Malay Peninsula and on the northern edge of the island of Borneo, as these news articles reflecting the status as revealed by the press through February 3, 2011 show. The Malaysian authorities assert the sinking of the coastline at Sulawesi is due to “abrasion” of the beach, but on the Malay Peninsula, admits the flooding is due to a “rise in sea level”. The word “sinking” is taboo.

Mass Animal Deaths around the world

The reported mass animal deaths cause are not proven as of yet. They are still being investigated. I am still researching the reason behind the animal deaths and the pole shift and if they have anything to do with the latest findings.

This is a list of animals found dead around the world



Below is a link to goggle maps and the location of which the animal deaths occurred,-128.935547&spn=179.377846,128.671875&z=1


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